Equipment and Facilities


Trigona is equipped with modern laboratory technology in four synthesis labs, two production plants and an analytics lab.


Chemical Synthesis


For multi-kilogram syntheses among others the following equipment is available at Trigona:

  • Glass- and steel vessels (300 L)
  • Enamel coated multi-purpose steel reactors (40 L und 63 L)
  • Glass reactors (10 L - 30 L)
  • Rotavap (20 L)
  • Standard glassware

Syntheses can be performed completely under inert conditions at temperatures between ‑100°C and 200°C.



Analysis Equipment


Trigonas analytics laboratory is equipped with the following instruments:

  • Bruker 300 MHz PFG-NMR-spectrometer
  • Shimadzu analytical HPLC
  • Waters preparative HPLC
  • DSC
  • UV/Vis-spectrometer
  • Titrators
  • Further analysis equipment