Over the years we were able to acquire much experience in chemical synthesis and have established Trigona as a specialist in organic chemistry as well as polymer functionalization and processing. Our longtime expertise enables the production of a broad spectrum of chemical compounds from various areas:

  • Intermediates
  • Final products
  • Research compounds
  • Analytical standards
  • Cold isotopomers
  • Metabolites
  • Screening substances

Our synthesis departments work closely together to intensively accompany your projects through the different stages of product development. This allows you a quick and successful transfer from R&D via scale-up to production at our facilities.


We are able to comply flexibly with your individual logistic demands in product shipment. We also process international transport of hazardous materials in a quick and save way and in compliance with national and international regulations.


Our highly qualified and experienced staff and their know-how form the core of the company.