Macromer Production


For one customer Trigona exclusively produces a macromer in the multi ton scale.


This product derived from mutual development between this customer and Trigona. Trigona’s early efforts were in the optimization of the individual synthesis steps via structure analysis and kinetic studies. Based on this, scale-up experiment were conducted and the production process was developed. After the optimization of the synthesis procedure, a dedicated and efficient production plant was designed. The legal permit procedure (BImSchG – federal law for ambient exposure control) for the operation of this plant was successfully performed by Trigona.


Due to the high requirements in product quality, the whole process is carried out under GMP conform conditions. Method development and validation was done in large parts by Trigona.


A second, similar plant was set up at Synpura GmbH in Frankfurt.


 Head of Production

Alexander Schade


phone: +49(0)611 - 962 - 5386

e-mail:  aschade (at)


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