Membrane Production


Trigona manufactures on behalf of BASF the high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane CELTEC® based on polybenzimidazole.


In contrast to conventional low temperature polymer electrolyte membranes the CELTEC® membrane can be operated at 160 °C. In the application in fuel cells a higher carbon monoxide tolerance of the electrodes is achieved, which permits the use of reformed hydrogen. Another advantage of systems with the CELTEC® membrane is that humidification or active cooling is no longer required. Due to reduction of costly and failure-prone components it is possible to build less complex systems with higher stability.


The production of the membrane starts with the preparation of a polymer solution which is processed further to a self-supporting membrane. To ensure the high stability and long durability of the membrane it is manufactured and certified under high quality standards. The production plant has an approval by BImSchG (federal law for ambient exposure control).


Fuel cells equipped with our membranes are often used in emergency power systems to ensure uninterrupted and failsafe power supply or as supplement to an internal combustion engine. The CELTEC® omembrane of BASF is applied both for mobile and for stationary use and has a wide range of applications in modern technology:

  • Extend the range of electric cars
  • Stabilization of telecommunication networks
  • For commercial vehicles
    • in landscaping
    • at airports
    • in intralogistics
  • For decentralized power supply
    • on ships
    • at hotel facilities

A further possible application for CELTEC® membrane is the electrochemical purification of hydrogen. Hydrogen is a frequent side product of various processes of the chemical industry. At present, it needs to be purified with high energy demand. The aim is to use the new technology to reduce the energy demand and simultaneously to achieve a better purification.


For this or further applications it is possible to develop new customized membrane generations which can be made ready for the market.


Head of Production

Dipl-Ing. (FH) Jurica Vidakovic


phone: +49(0)611 - 962 - 5275

e-mail: jvidakovic (at)


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