Trigona oHG was founded in 2000 and transferred to the Trigona GmbH (private limited company) in 2013. The founders and owners Dr. Günter Krummel and Dr. Peter Schade always had the needs of their customers in mind. Trigona's field of activity has been flexibly adapted to the existing requirements therefore. Constant learning has been deeply internalized so that solutions can be developed for new challenges.

In 2023 the Management has ben handed over to Sarah Schade. Trigona GmbH is still privately owned by Dr. Günter Krummel and Dr. Peter Schade. 


With over 20 years of experience in the chemical synthesis of specialty chemicals and polymers, Trigona has established itself as a specialist in research & development, scale-up, process development and toll manufacturing. Trigona is distinguished by professional planning, a high grade of flexibility and customized and sustainable solutions.


The Trigona GmbH is located in the Industrial Park Kalle-Albert in Wiesbaden, Germany. As a former site of Hoechst AG, a very well-developed infrastructure is this site's disposal.




Our portfolio includes syntheses in the fields of organic and inorganic chemistry, polymer chemistry and specialty chemistry. Adapted to your needs, we develop syntheses for you or produce the desired product according to your synthesis processes you have already elaborated. We attach great importance to a trusting and long-term cooperation with our partners. Trigona has state-of-the-art laboratory technologies distributed across four laboratories, two production facilities and an analytical laboratory. We offer you the opportunity to outsource research and development projects, syntheses and the production of intermediate and final compounds.


In addition to classical synthesis, we offer methods for the purification and analysis of substances. All our products are equipped with an certificate of analysis.


The organizational and manufacturing processes installed in our company are certified under ISO 9001:2015. We offer you syntheses and analytical services either according to our standard presets or according to presets, which we have defined together with you to filfill your wishes and specifications.


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