Chemical Development


As a specialist in kg scale synthesis, Trigona fills the gap between laboratory research and large scale production.


Trigona offers the fast and reliable performance of single or multi stage syntheses of organic substances or fine chemicals as a contract synthesis with a long-term prospect. We gladly take over the preceding literature search, a detailed synthesis planning and the procurement of raw materials.


In cooperation with our customers almost all constellations of a division of labour are possible. One of many examples is the development of a specialty chemical: Trigona provided know-how, staff and infrastructure, whereas the customer provided dedicated equipment for the chemical reactions and analyses.


Our capabilities of customer-friendly reporting, intensive communication and quality assurance at the highest level are conducive to a successfull cooperation evenhandedly.


We use our multi-purpose equipment for customers in the fields of electronic materials, (photo-induced) polymers, medical technology, specialty chemicals, surface coatings, and many more.


 In addition to the syntheses, our systems are used for the custom dilution, mixing and transfer of chemicals.