News from Trigona


By visiting us we can show you our new equipment or inform you about our new know how. But for those who are not able to visit us, or who just want to read what we are able to do, we have generated this "News" page. We will place information here to show you our possibilities and who we are. And if these news made you curious about us, we will be happy to contact you or to show you our labs.

New measuring possibilities because of new NMR-spectrometer


On 13th October 2023 we have installed our new NMR-spectrometer. Originally we have been able to perfom NMR-spectrums of 1H or 13C cores. With the new spectrometer we are able to measure more cores additionally (for example 19F, 31P, 11B). This allows us to track ongoing reactions even better and to have a different look at the molecules.